University of South Florida Apprehensive Parenting Discussion & PowerPoint

University of South Florida Apprehensive Parenting Discussion & PowerPoint.

I have 2 assignments,1 is a discussion board and 2 is a PowerPoint visual assignment. The reading is just chapter 17. Feel free to skim and get some information from there. The link for the readings:

The username and password for the reading link I provided:

Username: ebenavides1

Password: 3Choloborder! (Capital C)

Assignment 1:

In your readings this week, your chapter on parenting adult children argued that children have gone from resilient to fragile and as a result parents are assisting their children well into adulthood. As recent adults yourselves, what do you make of this argument? Is this the fault of the parents? Is it a social or cultural problem? Do the economy and education play a role? Please create an argument answering these questions and justifying why you think this trend is becoming more common. Also provide your own thoughts and insights on the issue. Submit your argument below.

Assignment2 (PowerPoint):

This week we talked about the current state of today’s children and youth. We also covered social and political changes that are being made to help tackle these problems (namely: child wellbeing, bullying, educational policies, parenting, poverty, and social media). In this discussion board, it will be your responsibility to choose one of these areas and conduct further research on it. Once you complete your research please submit a visual summary of the information that you found to me below. Your submission should indicate your ability to summarize the area of research effectively and demonstrate how this problem is being resolved or tackled at a local or global level.

University of South Florida Apprehensive Parenting Discussion & PowerPoint


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