University of South Florida China Capital Ming Peking vs Hellenic Discussion

University of South Florida China Capital Ming Peking vs Hellenic Discussion.

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This is a very easy and quick discussion post. I forgot it is due tonight and I have a project to do and won’t have time for it. I will send you someone’s post to reply to since it’s required after the discussion post is done (which is also very quick and easy).

Here are the instructions (you don’tneed the book since I don’t have it but you can just google some terms like I’ve done before):

Select one of the following questions to answer. When posting your response in the Discussion Forum, please be sure to include the question number at the very top of your posting. If you are responding to a posting by another student, please write their name as the first thing at the top of your response.

Questions 1 – 3 are from Chapter 9 of Cities and Urban life and Chapter 9 of Detroit City. Questions 4 – 6 are from Chapter 10 of Cities and Urban Life and Chapter 10 of Detroit City. Question 7 is your opportunity to create your own question based on any of those chapters.

Question 1:

The text states “little risk exists of exaggerating the differences between Ming Peking and Hellenic, Athens” (Macionis and Parrillo, 2017, p. 241), and there are also videos on both areas in the weekly module. What were some differences between the two areas? How was life different for individuals living in those areas? Did you find any similarities between Ming Peking and Hellenic?

Question 2:

– The culture of capitalism and the city is discussed on pages 244-246. What are some benefits of Capitalism? What are some of the negative aspects? Do you agree with Engel on the concept of the capitalist city – that it reduced everything in life to objective facts and quantity, and that other aspects of life (art, music, etc,), would be downplayed or eradicated?

Question 3:

– After watching the video on Highland Park and reading about it in Detroit City is the Place to Be, what were your thoughts? Were you surprised to read that Highland Park received a $2.6 million federal FEMA grant but after two years, the grant money had yet to be spent?

Question 4:

On page 257, the text discusses the differences between Karl Marx and Max Weber. Do you agree with Weber that Marx’s two-class view of capitalists and workers is too simplistic? Do you think Weber did an adequate job of conceptualizing social stratification as social class, status, and power? Would you add anything else as a dimension of social stratification?

Question 5:

– Were you surprised to read the United States has an unequal distribution of wealth, one that has worsened in recent years? Watch the video on Wealth Distribution in the United States, and tell us your thoughts about how wealth distribution has changed in the last 40 years.

Question 6:

– In line with our text reading on social stratification, Binelli notes that “Cities are not built or rebuilt for low income residents.” There are many good people that are just stuck in the city and are trying to do their best, maintain their homes, etc. Fires are just another problem they have to deal with, along with crime, drugs, gangs, unemployment…the list goes on and on. Last chapter, Binelli spent time in a firehouse. I included a video for this week because it goes along with the information discussed in Cities and Urban Life. The video is long so you do not have to watch the entire thing (maybe first 20 minutes or so). Why do think that starting fires became a cultural norm in the city? What are the people of Detroit supposed to do? Does anything from the readings / video really stand out to you?

Question 7:

– Create your own question based on this week’s readings and/or videos. Write the question in the top of your posting and your response below the question.

University of South Florida China Capital Ming Peking vs Hellenic Discussion


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