University of West Georgia Program Profiles on Crime Solutions Discussion

University of West Georgia Program Profiles on Crime Solutions Discussion.

Question Description

Once on the site, if the page does not immediately come up with the list of programs, click on “View Programs.” Choose a program that has a green “check plus” symbol next to it. Snoop around in the “title” or “topic” portion of the program and find out why they are successful; what are they doing? How long is the “returning citizen” in the program, etc? (By the way, we are trying to change the narrative from “ex-con” or “ex-felon” to “returning citizen” since that is what they are. How we name something often determines what we think.) Where is this program? Do they start treatment prior to a person leaving prison or after they are released? Tell me what you found relevant.

2. Click on a program with a red box and white circle with a line through it and check out one that has shown “no results.” Why do you think that one is not making any improvements or has shown no results or even failed?

All posts must include copy/pasted questions, in-text citations~ including page numbers~ references, and only 2 sentences of quoted material is permitted.

A thorough response is required. It is not possible to “over-answer” a question but is easy to “under-answer” one. I will grade according to content, quality, grammar, spelling, accuracy of answer to the questions based on the reading and not opinion, correct citations, and thoroughness of each post throughout this semester.

University of West Georgia Program Profiles on Crime Solutions Discussion


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