UWG Mass Incarceration in The Recent Years in The Us Discussion Questions

UWG Mass Incarceration in The Recent Years in The Us Discussion Questions. Chapter 3

Which factors, or combination of factors, contributed the most to the rise of mass incarceration? (These are the 9 “causes” discussed in this chapter). For example, which one or ones were most responsible for the extremely punitive turn the CJ system took?

2. What cultural shifts in society are reflected by get-tough criminal justice policies?

3. How can the decisions and discretion of prosecutors affect incarceration trends?

Questions based on personal opinion:

4. Since most of the public (American citizens/voters/juries) know very little about how the criminal justice system really works, how much weight should their opinion count for policy makers?

5. Since the prosecutor is the most powerful person within the criminal justice system, should they be held criminally responsible for their wrongful convictions, for not bringing one of their wrongful conviction back to court to release the individual, or for misconduct (hiding exculpatory evidence, for example) during trial?

All posts must include copy/pasted questions, in-text citations~ including page numbers~ references, and only 2 sentences of quoted material is permitted.

A thorough response is required. It is not possible to “over-answer” a question but is easy to “under-answer” one. I will grade according to content, quality, grammar, spelling, accuracy of answer to the questions based on the reading and not opinion, correct citations, and thoroughness of each post throughout this semester.

UWG Mass Incarceration in The Recent Years in The Us Discussion Questions


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