Vitamin D Supplements for Prevention of Tuberculosis Infection Discussion

Vitamin D Supplements for Prevention of Tuberculosis Infection Discussion.

Question Description

Look for current news, but not including covid-19

a. The title, author, and publishing information of the article.b. A summary of the author’s main idea(s) or points. Include:i. A discussion on how the article relates to epidemiology.ii. How the article illustrates the approach of epidemiology to the study of health conditions (disease, disability, etc.) in population.c. Your impression/opinion of the article/topic.

The grading for each lab assignment is based on the following:

  • Completeness of the assignment
  • Breadth and depth of analytical techniques and their application
  • Adherence to standards of writing style and grammar, when appropriate
  • Quality of analysis and level of critique for each assignment.

All lab assignments will by typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins and 12-point font, using Times New Roman font.Please adhere to recognized writing conventions such as checking grammar and spelling, using page numbers, proper punctuation and the appropriate use of citations.

Excessive spelling and grammar mistakes may lower the grade.References should be cited when necessary.

Lab assignments are due one week from your lab session unless otherwise note by the instructor or TA. Please see the class schedule for due dates. They should be submitted online via myCourses.If you are allowed to work in pairs, you should both turn in one paper (the same paper) with both names. Please make sure both names are on the paper or in the notes on myCourses, so we don’t get confused.

To be clear: If Ron and Harry work together on a partner lab, both names should appear on the lab (or at least in the comments in myCourses). If they don’t then I would get to Harry’s paper first and grade it.Then later I’ll hit Ron’s and it may feel familiar to me and I’ll wonder did one copy the others work? Or were they partners? – it just makes a lot of work for us.

Vitamin D Supplements for Prevention of Tuberculosis Infection Discussion


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