Walden University Wk3 Current Challenges in Marketing Discussion

Walden University Wk3 Current Challenges in Marketing Discussion.

DISCUSSION: Marketing in a
Complex Environment –DUE TUESDAY

For this Discussion, imagine that you are the marketing manager for an organization. Choose one of the scenarios below and consider who (job type or title) you would expect to be a part of the buying center and if outside consultants should be involved.

  • A local school system is seeking to upgrade its computer systems for its middle school classrooms. This means new hardware and software for every classroom. It may also require new classroom configurations, desks, lighting, additional electrical service, and cable or T1 data support. Who is likely to be included in the purchasing decision?
  • General Aerotechnologies (GA), a large-scale manufacturer of small unmanned aircraft with government and commercial contracts, is updating its security services for its manufacturing facilities in the southern United States. The security service would be responsible for the physical security of the premises as well as cybersecurity for all systems used by GA. Who is likely to be involved in the purchasing decision?
  • In 2007, Federal Executive Order 13423 and subsequent revisions required acquisition of recycled content, energy efficient, bio-based, and environmentally preferable products and services. The order directs U.S. federal agencies to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases in buildings and transportation by 50% by 2020. Your company manufactures automotive engine fuel systems that can help meet these goals. Who in the automotive manufacturing companies would you expect to be involved in the buying center for your products?

The scenario you chose and your response to the following:

  • Identify the scenario you selected.
  • Provide a list of stakeholders (e.g., person, department representative) who have influence on buying center decision making and why. Explain the types of influence each person (e.g., person acting individually) might have on the decision and why.
  • As the marketing manager for the company hoping to win the business, how would you advise reaching the decision makers to promote your product or service? What obstacles might you encounter and what marketing strategies might work to ensure that you best position a product or service in the minds of the decision makers and buying center?

ASSIGNMENT: Current Challenges and Problems in the Field of Marketing-DUE SUNDAY

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Research reputable business publications for a marketing challenge or problem described in a recent (no older than six months) issue. Suggested publications include Bloomberg Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, or other respected business publications. If you are not sure if a publication is a good source, please consult your Instructor.
  • Consider whether the challenge is related to a failure to utilize an innovative strategy correctly or whether a traditional marketing strategy has failed to innovate and adapt in the current competitive environment, for example.

Prepare a paper that includes the following:

  • A description of the challenge or problem (e.g., Why is it a problem? How long has it been going on? What may have caused the problem?)
  • The stakeholders that are affected by this challenge or problem as well as how they are affected and why it matters
  • The obstacles that may prevent the challenge from being resolved or that may make it difficult to resolve or mitigate
  • The risks and consequences if the challenge or problem is not resolved or mitigated
  • The effect of emerging trends on the marketing challenge or problem
  • Innovative or current techniques in the field of marketing that could resolve or mitigate the challenge you have identified with a discussion of why those could be of benefit
  • Two solutions that will resolve or mitigate the marketing challenge, with an explanation of why these solutions would be effective

Be sure to substantiate your analysis and position with examples and evidence from credible resources.

General Guidance on Assignment Length: This Assignment should be 2 to 3 pages (1 to 2 pages if single spaced), excluding a title page and references.


Frost, S. (2018), “How diversity (that is included) can fuel innovation and engagement – and how sameness can be lethal”, Strategic HR Review, Vol. 17 No. 3, pp. 119-125.

Walden University Wk3 Current Challenges in Marketing Discussion


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