Webster University additional DOD Leadership Program Essay

Webster University additional DOD Leadership Program Essay.

Please towards the CBTO Application for the DOD Leadership Program. I have attached some other forms to help, if you need anything else let me know. You’ll have to do a little research on the intelligence community to provide a knowledgeable and clear concise answer.

Please address the following: a paragraph each, no specific length

I. Purpose Statement:

a.How your participation will benefit the Agency, the Intelligence Community(IC) and your professional career.

II. Leadership Competencies.

a. The ability of the employees to understand the its interrelationships among organizations and components fo the Intelligence Community. Understands how one’s own work impacts, and is impacted by, the mission and operations of IC organizations and components, and uses this information to maximize contribution to mission accomplishment through security management. Operates across Intelligence Community organizational boundaries to achieve the common goals to secure top secret intelligence.

III. Information Sharing

a.Employee share information, as appropriate, with customers, colleagues, and others. Ensures colleagues receive organizational information and recognizes the responsibility and take action to provide information within the (IC) to other federal, state and local law enforcement or congressional authorities.

IV. Integration

a. Employee has the ability to align people, date and resources in order to close knowledge gaps, overcome challenges and seek and take advantage of opportunities across work domains to enhance the quality of results.

V. Organizational Awareness

a.The employee applies knowledge of the Defense Intelligence Agency organization’s vision, mission, functions, and structure, understands how the organization’s social, political and technological systems work and operates effectively within them.

Thank you in advance.

Webster University additional DOD Leadership Program Essay


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