West Los Angeles College Archeological Artifacts Discuss

West Los Angeles College Archeological Artifacts Discuss.

I’m studying for my Writing class and need an explanation.

After reading Chapter 7 and 9 and Module 7 and 8, address the following prompt. The goal is to demonstrate your knowledge of the course material. Review Writing Guide module.

Discuss what archaeologists can learn from two types of artifacts (include analysis and testing) and how this is interpreted to understand past humans.


Respond to two class members essays as it relates to the course material. As with any discussion, its not enough to say you liked what they wrote, explain why, add information to move the discussion along.

— for posting 2 and 3, I will send you two students discussions to answer to. In order for you to start on that, I will need posting one done so that I can be able to unlock what people submitted.

I will attach the book of where to get the info to answer post 1 …

writing instructions for essay

1. Make sure you have a well-defined thesis statement in your first paragraph. This sentence should outline your main points for your essay, providing the framework for your paper.

1. Example: The Ancient Egyptians were a religious based society as expressed through their politics, subsistence, and funerary activities.

  1. For a five paragraph essay, the introductory paragraph will provide background. The thesis statement will be the last sentence. a. The three main points that will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs are politics, subsistence and funerary activities. b. The last paragraph is the conclusion that summarizes the main points of the essay, without introducing any new material.
  2. Do not start or end a paragraph with a direct quote, paraphrase and still cite your source, or add another sentence that introduces or analyzes the quote.
  3. Keep to the third person when writing history. Do not use “I” or “We” The first person is sometimes used in other courses, but historical writing, especially when not taking a post- modern approach, is written in the third person.
  4. Be objective
    1. Do include analysis, but be objective and make sure you have information or evidence to back up your argument.
    2. Do not offer your personal opinion, this will help you from using the first person and to remain objective.
  5. Cite your sources!
    i. Remember that if you do not cite your source, it is considered plagiarism and you can get an F on the assignment, fail the class, or face academic repercussions beyond this class.
  1. Spell out contractions, do not use don’t, can’t, they’re. Spell them out!
  2. Do know the difference between there, their, and they’re
  3. Make sure you proofread your essays, spell check and grammar check. It helps to read it aloud to yourself, you will often catch more mistakes that way.
  4. Be aware of run-ons and fragments.

West Los Angeles College Archeological Artifacts Discuss


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